Success Stories – Sobelproperties


Danusha shares her experience.

Edith’s mentorship and real estate experience.

Claudia closing multiple properties after the mentorship!

Tanmi is really happy on closing multiple properties within weeks of mentorship !

Nora is closing around five properties already after joining the mentorship recently.

Irene shares her experience in real estate market since she joined the mentorship program.

Phillips from New York purchased a property and had 15 enquiries about it since he joined the mentorship.

Lucy talks about how she was able to solve an issue related to closing a property with the help of mentorship!

Melissa talks about the renovations in the new property that she brought recently.

Thomasina is killing it in both fashion and Real Estate 🏡

Dan is on track to have 13 Units !!

Danusha closing on properties after 3 months of the mentorship.

Closing a Multifamily property.

Irene’s mentorship experience 

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