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I’m a CDC Data Scientist and Real Estate enthusiast. I made my mark with a bold move in April 2020, purchasing a Midwest triplex for $52k, only $8k out of pocket. Fast forward, and I now manage 154 rental units, including 18 Airbnb spaces, valued at over seven figures.

My strategy combines Short-Term Rental (STR) Arbitrage and Ownership to supercharge cash flow and build generational wealth. I’ve mentored many, guiding them to close deals in weeks.

Join me in navigating the  world of real estate for financial empowerment!

Dont wait to buy real estate
Buy Real Estate and wait!
-Yamundow Camara

About us

Why Real Estate?

Tangible assets with value influenced by
location, demand, and economic factors,
offering potential for appreciation and
rental income.


Our vision is to provide the knowledge
and skill required to become a master
in real estate and our commitment is
to cultivate a continuous learning


Our mission is to empower individuals
with practical skills that tap into one’s
true potential which convert into real
world problem solving skills

What You will Learn

Short Term & Mid Term Rentals

Creative Funding

Analysing Deals and Making Offers

Local Bank Intro

Finding Distressed Properties

Section 8

Investing Out of State

Building your Dream Team


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People Kick Started their Real Estate Journey

Alumni community
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Alumni have bought thier first property!

Program Highlights

Services Provided for the Community

Access to All Friday Classes

Join our informative classes hosted by Yamu every Friday at 8 PM EST to:

    • Get your real estate questions answered

    • Discuss current real estate trends

    • Benefit from monthly guest speakers

Community Groups

We have dedicated location-based groups for various cities and states, including:

Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois

Book Club

Monthly Read: Enhance your mindset with our curated monthly book selections.

Access to Calculators

ARV Calculators: Utilize our tools to calculate After Repair Values (ARV) for your real estate investments.

Networking Opportunities

Connect: Engage with fellow members and expand your network within the real estate community.





local banks


Yes, It’s an online program. As a way for participants in many different location to come together to create a online community and achieve your goal.

Once your payment is processed, we will share the details with  you on your verified email address.

Yes, we will be providing recordings of the live course. 

No , The Course is not Refundable.

Live classes will be held on a Zoom call.

 Yes, you can join using your Phone. However it is advisable to join using a laptop for the learning experience.

You will recieve an invoice  through email within few minutes of payment.

Please do not worry, if you miss any sessions  you can continue watching recordings and follow up with the next class.


Hi ! I'm Srinidhi Korati

Your Program Coordinator

Your go-to person for all things Mentorship Onboarding!

I’m the friendly face behind the scenes, making sure your journey into our mentorship program is smooth sailing. With a knack for organization and a passion for connecting people, I’m here to ensure you get the most out of your mentorship experience.

I am a Data Scientist with expertise in real estate education. With a passion for cultivating knowledge, I lead a dynamic 4-week training program that empowers individuals with essential skills in the real estate industry. My commitment to excellence and seamless organization ensures a transformative learning experience for all participants.

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